Saturday, 25 June 2011

New work.

Am quite excited by this. Haven't yet discovered what it's called though. In my experience at some stage in the creative process whatever it is that I am working on reveals its name. I am looking forward to learning what this is called.

The other night when half asleep in bed, I was thinking about some tiny pieces that I am working on and thinking that I wasn't too happy with the texture of the paint. It suddenly came to me that I should mix my paint with sand. I did this and find that it solves several problems that I occasionally run across. The resulting texture is just wonderful and creates whole new ways of looking at a painting, for me. I can only hope that others find this interesting - it always helps if someone is kind............

I sold a small unframed oil today and had the winner of the Northumberland Plate up at Newcastle to top it all as well. Not a life-changing win - I rarely bet more than 50p - but that was nice especially as Tominator started off right at the back of the race but steamed through all the other runners. My jaw was dropping by the end of the race - it was quite something.

The painting I sold was a postSlade one. I've sold 5 of those now. Very pleasing.

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  1. This is remarkable Jane. I can see the texture even on the computer. The color is amazing. When I first quickly glanced at the title I thought it said New York - and I saw a high rise coming out of the cloud of color :-)
    Congratulations on selling your painting. You are doing so well.