Thursday, 30 June 2011

Aspects of summer.

My tank full of surfinia - the fish were found a new home and I decided to plant up the tank for the summer. This has been jolly successful I think and when the sun shines on it in the morning it is an uplifting sight. The colours positively glow.

I have had a good harvest of gooseberries this year having  picked three lots so far and they are now safely in the freezer for fools and pies. I just had to take a photo of these because the colours are so lovely - every shade of green and pink.

And here I have the first tiny, delicate broad beans in my salad which contains my own lettuce and cucumber as well.

I always grow cornflowers and cosmos - what wonderful, glorious colours! Such unassuming little flowers which give so much pleasure albeit for a short time.

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  1. Jane, it all looks positively wonderful! I love your flowers. Everything here is just dry and brown. I will just enjoy looking at your bountiful harvest!