Saturday, 28 April 2012

Recent work is finished...

This is a watercolour piece that I have just completed. The tulip came out of the garden before it could be destroyed by Slawit Bob and was photographed by Mick.

I was going to just work on one view but decided that I really rather liked the four images.

Dense dark backgrounds are just brilliant to show off the dazzling white of the paper.

My oil of the white poppies is now finished. I have resisted the urge to 'tickle' it. 

Whenever this urge comes over me - which is depressingly often - I can hear the voice of my art teacher at school admonishing me to ' Leave it alone!' This is  sometimes the hardest thing to do.

On the whole, I am quite pleased with the way that this has turned out. It will be one of the pieces that I put into Holmfirth Art Exhibition along with the Tulip.

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  1. Yaayy - sold the White Tulips at Holmfirth this week!!! Very very pleased....