Saturday, 5 February 2011

Oh how it rains......

48 hours of non stop rain, here in the Colne Valley. Not easy being creative in the midst of mud and rain. And - the well in the cellar is making an interesting, unusual sound. It brings to mind thoughts of flooding... Hmm - bit worrying. Normally, the level of the water never alters. It comes in - it goes out - no idea from where or to where it flows. Today the water seems to want to hang around a bit. I am ignoring it.

Worked on a couple of pieces this afternoon for my daughter. India marries in June and requested a painting of Castle Hill. Panic sets in just thinking of it - oh the pressure! Anyway, I shall hopefully come up with a couple from which she can choose. I feel really quite honoured that she wanted some of my work. Her own talent is prodigious.

I am hoping for sunshine soon...........

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