Monday, 25 July 2011

Another Monday.

Monday again and the day dawned pretty cold and grey. At the end of the afternoon out comes the sun which is nice....

Picked up 2 unsold paintings from an exhibition. This gets a bit depressing. The only high point was when the traffic warden told me to hurry up instead of giving me a ticket. I was going to smile and say something amazingly witty and clever which would make his day (!) but as he remained stony-faced and glared at the pavement I thought I'd better not in case he changed his mind!

Another exhibition to hang tomorrow at Tunnel End. Fingers crossed again although rather hopelessly.

My Grandad Mac stellar geranium won a first prize at York yesterday but just failed to get the best in show for the second time this week! There seems to be a pattern emerging here............ Anyway, on arriving home I popped him in a 'bath' to perk him up from all the travelling and promptly forgot about him. I remembered him at four in the morning! Couldn't leave him there to get waterlogged so I leaped  out of bed and rescued him to drain and dry off. Fortunately there was no-one about to see me ferreting about in the greenhouse at such an unearthly hour!!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Allotment images.

A sunny Sunday morning on the allotment.  Although very untidy, it does look  rather lovely and the colours just lift the spirits.

Mick does his strimming in the sun. 

 Please note the wonderfully blue sky we very occasionally see here in Slaithwaite! If only we saw it more often.............

Every gardener need a shed - this is mine seen through the bean poles.........